512GB Flash Drive - Preloaded

$60.00 USD
  • 128GB Flash Drive - Preloaded - AquaSilvermist

512GB Flash Drive - Preloaded

$60.00 USD

This is an Official SanDisk USB Flash drive.

Shipping: 2-10 Business Days

-----Installed items-----

-Aurora 0.5b

-Dash Launch v3.19

-FreeStyle Dash 3

-Xex Menu 1.2


-Simple 360 Nand Flasher

-Stealth Servers

-All Setup Files Including: Plugins and 1 Setup Files 

-Mod Tools


USB - 3.0

Storage Size - 128GB

Transfer Speed - up to 150MB/s

Metal Casing

------Not Installed Unless Selected------


-Mod Menus


You Can find a full list of Mod Menus Here.

All Emulators come pre-installed with 10 or more Games.