Stealth Servers

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    Best Paid Servers Available Online Now on 17511:


    NiNJA Is the Most Well known Stealth Service in the Community. With their Team of best Coders around they have made Bypassing Microsofts Security Easy and have made Tons of $$ And Ground Breaking Proof doing it. They have there stealth up in running in no time once a new dash board releases. Fast, Reliable, Longest Recorded Unban Times "2.5 Years" you wont have to buy a kv again (Unless its Shared)


    Purchase Here: NINJA



    XBLBallin Has been Updated to 3.2.1! Please Download Below Now!


    New Things Added:
    Improved Kv Life
    New Hud
    Fresh & Fast UI
    MSP Spoofing
    All Cod Off Host & Bypasses
      Download files w/Instructions Here
      We are Very Sorry any Down time of the server. More Updates will be pushed. Please enjoy Version 3.2.1 of this server! Thank you all 
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